Welcome to "ABUNDANCE"

abundance:  fullness to overflowing

Years ago when I first visited the naturopath that has become a mentor and teacher to me I thought to myself, I would love to do this.  As I pondered that over the years I knew the name of my business would be "Abundance".  That word has come to mean so much to me.  I use it to define my life or at least what I want my life to be.  In John 10:10 Jesus says he came that we may live abundantly so I think it is very important that we strive for that, keeping in mind that abundance is not defined by anything we have, but by the fullness that HE has for us.

With that said......I think a very important key to abundance is health.  Health that we trust God for and health that we take responsibility for.  This may sound a little harsh but I will say it anyway, if someone smokes and gets lung cancer they are very upset but also resigned to the fact that perhaps the choice to smoke led to that outcome.  Why then do others choose to eat processed, chemical laden, trans fat filled food and way too much of it and then act like God has done them a disservice when they discover disease is in their body.  Our health in many cases is our responsibility.  Not to say that I eat perfect, I strive to eat really well 70% of the time, giving myself the freedom to just have fun the rest of the time.  However, my husband, who is fighting a health issue eats perfect 99% of the time.  That's taking responsibility!

If you are new to the idea of natural health, welcome.  I have had so much fun learning all about this and I hope you do too.  First let me give a little idea of my definition of natural health.....It is two fold.  
1.  Using food and herbs to treat symptoms of illness and disease.  This of course is done in balance and is NOT the same as ignoring that you are sick!!!!  If anything it is much more work that getting a prescription but well worth it in the long run.  
2.  This is most important....Treating the whole body, NOT symptoms.  I would love for you to get this concept but think of it this way, most illness is found in one of your ten body systems or the result of yeast or parasites.  Instead of treating symptoms if we nourish the body system that is affected then the amazing creation that God made will then have the ability to heal itself. 

The best way to live holistically, no that is not a new age term, it means:  treating the whole body not illness, is to focus on being whole, spiritually, physically, and mentally.  I will attempt to help you with that through this blog.  If I post something you really like instead of shouting "amen", please share the post.  I will blog hopefully on Mondays about health, including a product feature.  During other times of the week I will blog for fun or on something that inspires me.  Please follow my blog if you are interested, just open a free google account and then you can follow.

Product Feature:
This month the brand I sell, Nature's Sunshine is offering a special on a "Get Healthy Pack".  If you have been saying "I need to get healthy so bad" but keep putting it off this is the perfect thing for you.  It is Clean Start, a two week cleanse, Super Trio, a months supply of Super Omega 3{which is fish oil}, Super Supplemental{a multi vitamin}, and Super Orac {antioxidant, helping to combat free radicals, aka cancer causers} all in convenient cellophane packs that you take twice a day.  Also a bottle of Probiotic Eleven which is a fantastic probiotic, which replaces good bacteria that is easily lost.  These are great products to promote general health.  Regular cost is $175, this month it is $115 and I can have it shipped directly to you then you can call or email with any questions or concerns you have.

I pray that this week you will focus on abundance, not my business, but what Jesus was talking about.  That you will find it in the smallest things.  Some of the places I discover it are....rocking my baby, okay sure he's 8 but he still lets me sometimes, the bright green clover that is filling my front yard, the birds scurrying around building the nests they will soon fill with eggs.  Springtime is the perfect time to start focusing on God's abundance, I pray you will find new growth in your own life as you notice all of the new growth in nature over the next month or two.



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