Overcoming the Flu Naturally

I very big part of me would like to rant right now.... about what?  The flu vaccination joke.  But I won't.  Instead I would like to give some tips on treating the flu naturally, since so many people are getting it, vaccinated or not.

#1 - Take care of yourself.  Of coarse you should always do this but during flu season you should be extra diligent in this area.  Staying hydrated, limiting bad foods, getting exercise, lots of prayer, little alcohol and other dehydrating beverages.

#2 - Tune in to your body.  The minute you start feeling a little bad immediately begin to work.  Don't wait until you are miserable.

#3 - Focus on food.  If you are sick I know you want comfort food but now is the time to fill your body with nutrients.  To be honest you would be better off not eating and simply juicing than eating food that your body has to put major focus on digesting.  Homemade veggie soup would be great, or even chicken noodle.

#4 - Baths, baths, and more baths.  Remember if you are running fever your body is fighting to overcome this.  I'm not talking about if you have a temp of 104 degrees, but if you start running a low grade and you really start working on your health you are likely to overcome before you get to that high of fever.  I recommend a bath with lots of Epsom salt, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar.  Add some eucalyptus essential oil to it.  Then sit, for as long as you can possibly stand it.  Try to do this a couple of times a day.

#5 - Supplements.  Of coarse I sell supplements but whether you get them from me or elsewhere it doesn't matter except for the fact that if you are going to bother taking them they may as well be high quality and actually work.  I recommend Zinc Cold and Flu, Silver Shield, Probiotics, and Elderberry D3fense.  If you are not getting in enough nutrients through your food you need Ultimate Greenzone also.

#6 - Water.  Drink at least a half gallon a day.  This is crucial.

#7 - Rest.  From the minute your intuition tells you your a little ran down.  Take the hint, rest.  I know we live in a super fast paced world but that doesn't mean we have to keep up.  Let this be a time that you focus on your health, well being, and what God created you for.  Sickness is opposite of ABUNDANCE!  That's what my goal for you is.

If you are simply trying to prevent and would like a supplement for that I recommend the Elderberry D3fense.  Fantastic product I like to call a "flu shot in a bottle".

I pray this helps you.  If you do not live in my area but are interested in ordering the supplements recommended please give me a call.



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