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Burden for Desire

This summer I decided to take my 16 year old son, Jackson, on a trip that would possibly help reduce some of the materialism he struggles with.  We decided to join my sister, Pam and her family on a trip with their church to Haiti.  My amazing niece, Paige, asked for the trip for her senior trip!!!  We took a short 3 hour flight and stepped off of the plane to a completely different world.  I have been on mission trips before, to Russia and Mexico, but I have never experienced a place that was anything like Haiti.  Little did I know that not only would the goal I had for Jackson be accomplished, my own heart would be transformed.

Often we read in the Bible about helping widows and orphans, or feeding the needy, and we are at a bit of a loss as to how to accomplish that.  Well for the first time in my life I saw want and knew there was no question as to IF I would help, it was simply a question of "How do I start?".  Looking at the poverty in Haiti is overwhelming so I knew G…

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