Day 3

Yesterday was wonderful.  Got loads of work done on my shop and got in a little exercise.  I did not however cook a thing.  Ended up at Whole Foods getting groceries and bought a spinach lasagna for dinner and made salad to go with.  The lasagna was really good and I am planning to develop a recipe in the near future.

Today my kids are beginning their attempt to eliminate meat.  This morning I was supposed to be making Corbin a PB&J but was sorely dissappointed to discover that Jackson left the organic peanut butter, that requires refrigeration, out.  So I sent Corbin to school telling him to just do his best to avoid meat.

They are also supposedly fasting processed food.  Corbin and I were having a conversation about what vitamins are in which foods.  He says what about B vitamins.....Funyuns have that.  I cracked up, looks like the mass produced junk food marketers are doing their job when an 8 year old thinks Funyuns are healthy.  Crazy!

Today I am cooking beans, black and garbonzo, to make veggie burgers, black beans soup, and garbonzo bean creole.  Recipes to come.  Have a great day!


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