Beans beans good for your heart.......

Okay admit it, you know that little song is the first thing that comes to mind when you eat or think about beans.  Well if you aren't eating meat then beans are a MUST.  They are loaded with protein but unlike meat also fiber.  So no sitting in your digestive system for a couple of days to rot, yuck!  Earlier this week I made black beans and garbanzo/chickpeas.  With the two I made veggie burgers which tasted good but the texture was too mushy, next time I think I will add a little brown rice to the food processor and if they turn out, then you will get the recipe.

I do want to tell you how I cook beans that taste good without sausage, bacon, ham, or any other meat.  Please realize this is coming from a true southern girl that thought, a few short years ago, just about anything could use a little touch of bacon grease.  The same recipe applies to almost any bean I  can think of with one alteration.  Sometimes I add honey, sounds weird but it truly adds a depth of flavor that they need.

1 lb. beans of choice, go crazy, there are so many out there you need to try.  Whole foods bulk section has a good selection.
1 lg. diced onion
3 stalks celery, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 tablespoon diced jalapeno
Sea salt, to taste
Seasoning blend, I went to Whole foods and found a replacement for Tony's that doesn't have salt, just get something that appeals to you
These were some of the beans at the San Francisco Farmer's Market.
This farmer grew loads of heirloom beans, we bought some giant speckled butter beans, yum.
First, soak your beans.  If you soak them overnight use cold water, if you only have a couple of hours or less use hot.  I recommend you soak at least an hour.  Drain the water and rinse well.  Place them in a 4-5 quart pot and add water, enough that it is at least an inch over the beans, more if you want them soupy.  Keep in mind you can add water as they cook.  Next add everything else, you do not need to saute veggies, also don't over salt, you can add more at the end.  I cook on high until they are boiling, then turn them down to medium and cook until tender.  If you like creamy beans use the back of a large wooden spoon and mash some against the side of the pot, turn the heat to simmer and let them cook until they are the consistency you like.

Okay these are the beans I add honey to.....Black eyed peas and butter beans.  They already lend themselves to a little sweetness so they benefit when you play that up a little more.


  1. Love beans . . . was thinking of cooking some for supper tonight - thanks for the post.

    For my favorite seasoning blend, without salt, to use is Cavender's Salt Free All Purpose Greek Seasoning (available at WM. (Lorna)


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