Kombucha Tea

As some of you know, although I love good food and often post not so healthy recipes, my family puts effort into our health.  Matter of fact I am a few weeks away from opening my own little "health" store.  A quaint little place filled with herbs, vitamins, natural bath products, and all the information you care to hear from me.  One of the things I use to promote good health is making and teaching others to make Kombucha Tea.  This is a crazy tea made from a bacterial mushroom thingy, don't worry it's the good bacteria.  Loaded with probiotics, enzymes, and other good stuff.  Google it and you will find a wealth of info out there.  It tastes like nothing I have ever had before, I guess it would be closest to a light sparkling wine.  Don't worry it has less than 1% alchohol, you would have to drink a gallon to be affected very much.

All your neccessary ingredients.

First you need a "scoby".  Don't go and buy one like I did for $20 puleeze.  Simply buy a bottle of mass produced Kombucha pour it into 2 or 3 mason jars, cover with a coffee filter and put just the ring around.  It needs air.  Let it sit in a dark closet for a week or so and you should see a film forming on top.  You now have a "scoby".  Yummm, haha.  Not really I know it sounds gross.

The grape juice I love to add.

Get a gallon glass container, a pickle jar would work or you can look at the pics for what I use which I bought at Walmart.  Make a gallon of sweet tea, I use one cup sugar and 10 tea bags.  It is a good idea when you are making such a healthy product to use organics.  Pour your tea into your glass container and add your "scoby".  Your tea should not be hot just room temp.  Cover with a paper towel and rubber band. Sit in a dark closet for a week.  Your scoby will reproduce during this time, share it with a friend or google some ideas of how to use it.  I have read you can feed it to animals.

My finished product.

Next you need some jars, I use bottles that I have saved from other products just make sure they are really clean.  Use a funnel and plastic ladel and fill your bottles, leave a little room and you can add flavorings.  The tea tastes great with nothing added but you can be creative.  I personally like to add organic grape juice.  Just a little for flavor.  Put the lid on your bottle and put back into the closet for 3 more days, this will cause it to get fizzy, be careful not to leave it too long or it will get REAL fizzy.  Place it in the fridge and enjoy for up to a year.  Mine doesn't last long so I usually have a batch going.

Another thing I love about Kombucha is that it curbs your appetite so if you are trying to lose weight it's a great support item.


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