I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I must confess, I have for a few years now yearned for a more eco friendly lifestyle.  I was prompted by a wonderful book I read titled "Serve God, Save the Planet".  I will not try to make excuses about why I am so stinking slow in making progress in this area I will simply try, one small step at a time to do better.

My first step.....finally I am recycling, I know that is pathetic.  We have never had curbside pickup, oops that was an excuse, but now our town does have a dropoff site not far from me.  I have been reducing for a while but that's relative I know.  Reusing I'm pretty good at as long as I'm not expected to wash ziploc bags, that I will not do, sorry.

My quest for a Green Christmas starts with this.....our tree.  After searching very long and hard I finally found a potted tree worthy enough of my decorations.  Okay honestly it is terrible, my poor kids and hubby are NOT happy with the tree.  However, my plan is to keep it on the patio all year and groom it, then bring it in each year.  Eventually it will be glorious.  Her name is Bertha, named by Jackson, and I am hoping she becomes a shining star on our quest towards being "green" Greens.
My favorite ornament.


  1. I think your tree looks great and I love the idea Bertha will be there for many Christmases to come.

  2. I am not laughing...I love your tree, truly a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but I do believe you have the right idea, give Bertha a few years and you will probably have a hard time getting her in the house.

  3. My mom, Bertha, has a potted tree she uses every year. She bought it when it was about 2 feet tall and it's now 4 feet tall. It's beautiful and yours is too. (Lorna)

  4. Oh, thank you all so much. Strangest thing happened, while everyone picked at her I just fell more in love. So excited to see how she looks next year.


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