My Family

I thought I would tell you a little about myself in hopes that you will read my blog and perhaps in some small way we will get to know each other.  First let me introduce my wonderful family.

I met and married my husband, Mike, 16 years ago.  Seriously, we were married 7 months after our first date and I would have to say I have no regrets.  The toughest part of that situation is that I was 22 and he 35, the father of 10 and 8 year old boys.  I became the step mom of those boys at a VERY young age and didn't even remotely have a clue.  God is good and we all survived, miraculously I would definitely say.  I am still in love with this man but not without our struggles.  I have learned that love is a choice and when you make a choice to love through whatever circumstances it becomes a relationship that is so solid I wouldn't trade places with a single person on earth.

We have two boys together, Jackson and Corbin, 13 and almost 8.  I love my stepsons to death, but they are both grown, married and very busy with their own lives.  So my time now is devoted to my younger boys.  Jackson is a tournament baseball player, piano student, and wonderful actor.  He is brilliant and I am so proud of him.  He is also the quintessential teenager that drives me nuts.

Corbin is profoundly deaf and hears with cochlear implants in both ears.  He does extremely well in a mainstream 2nd grade class with an FM system.  He has a passion for food, art, and travel.  Crazy stuff for an 8 year old but I kid you not it's true.  He is taking piano now too.  I could talk for hours about our experience with Corbin's hearing issues.  I remember finding a journal I had written the first year of his life when he was around 5 and I realized everything was about his hearing.  It completely broke my heart because I understood that I didn't enjoy my baby, I was so wrapped up in his special need.  I wish someone had told me to see him for who he is, not just his special need.  Oh well at least I finally learned.  Corbin is truly amazing and I thank God for all of my children every day.

A little more on my stepsons.  Michael and Jason, 26 and 24 are a huge part of our lives along with their wives, Lindsey and Catherine.  Michael and Lindsey have made me "Granny Cole" at a mere 38 years old!  Ethan Paul is PRECIOUS.

Jason is in medical school and I cannot even begin to express how exiting that is.  Catherine is an angel from heaven.  I always wanted a daughter and even though I know she doesn't need another mother she is the daughter I always wanted.  Too bad they live in West Virginia. :(

I must say I am blessed beyond measure!


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