Blessings in Disguise

Do you ever just feel like wallowing around in a big mushy pit of self pity?  Ashamed though I may be, that's me lately.  After discovering that my love has to have surgery we decided to pack up and take a trip to Key West, squeezing it in before the kids had to go to school.  We took off on a Monday and drove 17 hours in an RV, stopping at a Walmart parking lot to sleep a few hours, arriving in Key West around 8:30 Tuesday night.  After checking into our condo, unloading bags, and driving to Duvall St. to grab a bite we received a call from Mike's sister that his nephew had passed away.  We immediately left and somewhat like watching a video in reverse, drove home.  So in a matter of 48 hours we drove to Key West and back without the luxury of seeing anything.  As I was laying in the back bed of the RV, replaying the worst summer I can remember, ever so slowly a light bulb began to turn on for me.  There I was, with both of my babies beside me, blessed beyond measure.  My sister in law, whom just lost her husband a little over a year ago after spending 10 years taking care of him, he was paralyzed from falling from an 8' ladder, had lost her baby boy too.  Sure he was 45 years old and gave her plenty of grey hair but he was still her little boy.  I have mine with me, I have my husband, I even have both of my parents and all of my siblings.  I immediately regretted my selfishness and spent the time telling my boys how much I love them.  Life is so short, even if we live to be 100, in comparison to eternity it is simply a whisper.  I am so thankful for all of the blessings in my life, even the difficulties because every single time they turn out to be a blessing, though I may never figure out what the blessing is exactly.


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