My Depressing Week, Don't Worry it got Better!

Oh my I have seriously not been motivated to write on anything health related, well anything at all to be honest.  The last week of my life has pretty much been totally crappy!  I know that is so rude but it's what I think so why not be honest.  After returning home from Italy I think I fell into a bit of depression.  That, combined with jet lag, led to me being sick all day Wednesday which just so happened to be my birthday, arghhh.  So I'm sure many of you are thinking...."isn't this chic supposed to be a natural health consultant???".  My answer is yes, but I am first and foremost extremely human.  My struggles in life are very real and focusing on natural health helps me overcome them but I still face them regularly.  After writing last weeks blog I just have not felt inspired in any way.  That is odd for me because this time of year typically has me giddy with inspiration.  The good news is, I think I have turned the corner and seen light.  I feel the darkness of depression leaving.  So what herb did I take for this?  Oh I have them but the truth is I haven't even felt like opening a bottle!  My cure was.....I opened my eyes to the fact that I was being completely self absorbed.  I also spent the evening last night with a few of my girlfriends that always help me get perspective.  Sometimes the best medicine really is laughter, which we always do.  But also talking to them about how I have been feeling and hearing them completely relate, let me know that I'm in very good company.  Raising children, being wives, and trying to navigate life without completely losing who we are is not an easy task.  In Italy I felt totally relaxed and had 110% of my husbands attention.  Returning to the rat race of my Americanized life has taken a toll.  My plan for continued improvement.....I am scheduling friend time much more often, and that is a supplement we can all afford.

One last thought....I shared with my hubby last night what I have been going through, which in reality for me was a spirit of discontentment.  I have battled this for many years.  His response was "at least you are acknowledging it and choosing to not let it overtake you".  I just want to say that I am so thankful for a man that loves God and his family so much and truly has the best responses.  He made me feel proud instead of embarrassed that I deal with this, when my own mind is telling me I should be past it.  We all need someone who exemplifies Jesus in our lives.  If I imagine sitting on my back porch swing talking to Jesus, I think He would say exactly what Mike did.


  1. *sigh* been there!!....and I revisit way too often!! Hugs!

  2. Thanks Hope! I'm gonna be bugging you soon. Just decided to homeschool the 8 year old next year, eeekk


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