My New Project

A couple of years ago the hubby and I decided we should downsize our debt and work toward living a more stress free life.  That decision led to the decision to sell our home and figure out a way to move to Baton Rouge while reducing expenses.   Home prices are higher in Baton Rouge than where we were living and had lived for all my life and most of his so this would not be any easy thing to do.  Well I won't go into all the details but I will tell you this.....mission accomplished!  Two days ago we closed on the home we had been trying to sell for 2 years.  It was my dream home at the time we built it but truth is I don't get emotionally attached to places and feel like home is where those I love dwell, whether that is a hotel room, apartment, or a beautiful farmhouse.  Here is a picture of the one we sold.  Yes it was amazing, tear, okay I did get a little attached. 

In January while cruising the Internet looking for available lots in BR, since building is something we do pretty well and cost effectively, I stumbled across a house.  The one thing that I wanted to be different about our new home was that I wanted more privacy, we were on a very busy highway and I really didn't like that.  I mapped it and we jumped in the car and took a ride.  Low and behold it was in one of our favorite subdivisions in town.  However what we found was quite daunting.  It was a VERY bad smelling disaster.  Luckily we saw through the mess and both of us knew we could turn it into something great.  We made an offer the day we saw it which was accepted.  Unfortunately it has taken 4 months to close but I have learned once again in life, God is in control and His timing is perfect!  We are paying basically a little over what the land alone is worth and will have to invest a bit more but our goal is accomplished.  I thought we would have to move to a small house, which I was totally happy with, but it's 700 square feet larger than the other one.  I am so excited, it is going to be a blast.  Here are the "before" pictures.  

View from the road

Just needs a little yard work

Carport/Storage room

Entrance... nice curb appeal

Love the way they left the tree growing through the porch blocking the walkway, oh wait no I don't.

Front Porch, LOVE the possibilities here.

Side yard, this will be a cute path leading to the lake.


Living room


Living Room/Entertainment Center

Sun room


C's Room

One side of boys Hollywood bath

Dining Room


Kids Bathroom

Foyer half bath

J's Room

Guest Room/Office

Guest Bath

Guest Bath


Boys Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Balcony

Master closet

Master Bath

Master bath

Master bath, yes that is a hole in the floor that you can see all the way to the ground!

Master bath


Room above carport/Future game room

Game room bath

Game room bath

Game room closet

Game room

View of door from game room

Outdoor shower

Pool/snake pit ugh!!!



  1. LOLOLOLOLOL-I can hardly wait to take this ride with you..what a challenge. I admit, I see a lot of potential there too. Love the privacy. It will truly be a masterpiece when you are done. Bring on the pictures..and...good luck.

  2. that is going to be SUCH a fun challenge!!! i can't wait to see the result!


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