Poncho Fever

If you happened to have read my blog around New Years you know that I learned to knit around that time. I happen to have been lucky or just crazy blessed to have found a daughter in law that is multi talented and more than willing to share her talent.  No my stepson gets no credit for finding her, haha.  Anyhoo, I knit a pretty large prayer shawl during January which was a big deal.  You would have to know how high strung I am to know what determination it took me to relax enough to learn.  I think I started over 10 times on the thing.  It is done and ended up being large enough for me to cover up with during a nap, ahhh.  Since that monumental accomplishment I have quickly knit a couple of scarves but my most recent project was a poncho.  I bought a book at our local knitting store, which is a wonderful and most helpful place, titled "The Knitting Experience, Book 1: The Knit Stitch" by Sally Melville.  It was super simple but I LOVE it!  Maybe even a good project for beginners since it was one stitch for the entire thing and you just knit two rectangles then sew them together.  I used an acrylic and cotton blend because in Louisiana wool is not usually necessary.  It is wonderfully light yet I think it will be perfect for LSU games, go Tigers!  I may actually get in the mood for tailgating this year.  Not only will I have something cute to wear I can knit while everyone else parties which isn't really my thing.  Yes I'm weird:)

 With my leftover, rather expensive yarn I also made this glove.  Yes only one, I have to decide if I will actually wear it before knitting the other, I certainly wouldn't w/ the poncho, too matchy matchy.

Disclaimer:  My 8 year old took the pics of me, sorry they are a little blurry.  


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