My Favorite Holiday

Today is Thanksgiving which happens to be my all time favorite holiday.  Last night my husband, children, daughters in law, and grandson enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner which was blissful.  Although I adore all of my family and friends it was that cozy little group that I am most thankful for.  Over the next few days I will be blogging my Thanksgiving recipes but I wanted to voice what is on my mind first.

So yesterday I spent the entire day cooking as Mike took my two boys to Mississippi to do a little work at his hunting camp.  They were home for only a few minutes before they were out the door again to pick up Jason and Catherine from the airport.  So most of my day was spent in the solitude of my farmhouse kitchen with the most wonderful ingredients and silence giving way to thoughts of why?  My why of the day is....Why is Thanksgiving my favorite?  Well for starters the meal is hard to beat, then of coarse the whole concept of eating without concern for calories just pure enjoyment.  However most of all it is to me the only holiday that is still pure.  Although it is not necessarily a "Christian" holiday I really believe Christ would agree with me.  No commercialism, no gifts to unappreciative recipients, just true focus on what matters, which to me is family.  Maybe it is because it is not a religious holiday that the opposite powers don't feel the need to pervert it, who knows.

This year was our first green Green Thanksgiving.  I actually used all organic ingredients, well except for the dessert, which I could have done but forgot the ingredients when at Whole Foods and didn't have time to make a second trip to Baton Rouge.

Today I will be going to my mom and dad's to have Thanksgiving dinner once again with all my sisters, brother, in laws, and nieces and nephews.  After that I will go to Mike's families dinner.  The whole "not worrying about calories" thing will become a problem today because I just won't even think about it until I step on a scale in the next couple of days and discover 5 pounds that I could NOT afford to gain.  Oh well Monday is coming and I will deal with it then.  For today I am simply thankful.


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