Goat Cheese Heaven

There is a page I follow on Facebook called Slow Food Baton Rouge.  Of coarse I LOVE that whole concept even though I cheat on it often.  They posted an advertisement about a film titled Artois the Goat coming to the Manship Theater. This is a story of a man who follows his passion of making goat cheese, of coarse in an extremely silly and anti my husband sort of way.  Luckily I was alone.  I did have to look past the complete absurdity of the film but I didn't have to look far to be completely engaged in the process and passion that went into the crazy character making an award winning cheese.  The coolest part was that the director was there and did a little q and a after.  He obviously was never on the acting side of the camera because he could not look anyone in the eye, which I think he should correct but hey that's my opinion.

After it was over there was a goat cheese reception with some local goat cheese.  Before this occasion I was a little on the fence about goat cheese, it just had a little too much twang for me.  However the cheese that was placed before me was absolutely divine, possibly the best I have ever had.  I wanted to go to the farmer's market this weekend to grab some but ran out of time.....that whole thing about cheating on the slow food movement, always in a hurry, arrghhh!  I'll get there soon though.


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