Bedroom "after" pics

These bedrooms may not look like they were majorly labor me, they were.  Wallpaper had to be removed from many walls and borders.  The plywood you see on the floors spent 5 years as the flooring of choice by the previous homeowners.  Their animals obviously really liked them:(.  Luckily we were able to eventually get rid of all odors and are happy with the cozy results.  Hope you like!

Hallway before
Hallway after
End of hallway.  My thought process for this....the painting is one I did from a photo taken in Martha's Vineyard.  As I walk down this long hallway thinking of being there and having a picnic, thus the picnic baskets and quilts, makes me happy.  
One side of kids Hollywood bath before
Kids bath after
Kid's shared tub area before
Kid's tub area after.  We were able to salvage the tub with a little elbow grease but marble surround needed replacing.
Kid's tub area before.
Kid's tub area after.  ALL toilets in this house were replaced, they were gross!
C's room before
C's room after.  My dad built that amazing daybed.  The old wooden radio was a garage sale find for $25, whoop whoop.  C and I dream of going to Paris soon, thus the Eiffel tower and Paris street map.
C's room after.  
J's room before.  
J's room after, best view in the house.  I'm jealous and plan to move him into the garage apartment when he is a little older and turn this room into my art studio.
J's room after.  I built that bed while the hubs was hunting, he gets no credit!
J's room after.  This is an old stereo bought very cheap at an antique store. 
Guest room before
Guest room after.  Love this room, it is filled with all of my sentimental stuff and serves as an office.
Guest room after.  Bought this sewing table w/ stool and machine WORKS at a garage sale for $20, true story.  The sign, oh the sign....I love that thing.  My hubby bought it at an antique store for more than $20;), I would never have made the splurge but he loves me.  I'm not the greatest tailoress but my mom is....close enough.
Guest room before
Guest room after.  I have big plans of being really organized, so far not so good.
Guest room vanity before
Guest room vanity after.  I love this cabinet so much!
Master bedroom before
Master bedroom after.  I could LIVE in this room 24/7.  Feels like a tree house with air conditioning.  

Master bedroom after.  I'm not a good photographer, this wall looks so much better in person.  A dear friend gave me the camper painting without ever seeing my house, how wonderful when people "get" you!  The cabinet was my mothers and she gave it to me, supposed to be a pie safe but I use it for books.  To the left of the cabinet is my little tiny sanctuary.  I bought the altar/kneeler at a garage sale and refinished it.  Above are things that help me pray.  I just finished this so I have to add a few things but I love it.  

Master bedroom after.  My favorite dresser which was FREE.  I know I sound like such a cheapo but I'm more proud of things that cost me little than things that cost me much.  I have a lot to be proud of;)
Master bedroom after.  The chairs came from Goodwill and I had them recovered.  They are awesome!  That dresser was free too but I want to replace it with one that is more of the other ones style.
Deck off my bedroom before.
Deck off bedroom after.  This is a tiny little deck with no access to the ground.  I plan to replace the chairs and table with an Adirondack chair since I am the only one that ever uses this deck. 
Same space but wanted you to see the view from here.  So peaceful, especially in the mornings when birds are singing.
View from right bedroom door before.  Scary!!!
View from right bedroom door after.  Not scary!!!
Master bath before.
Master bath after.  
Master vanity before.
Master vanity after.  I had an amazing cabinet guy that could totally get my vision.
Master bath after.  Hubster hates this chair in here but I love it.  I win!
Master bath toilet and shower area.
Master shower.  You could literally see the ground through this hole, YIKES!
Master toilet and shower area.


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