Monday, January 16, 2012

More Meaning in Life

Two weeks with no Facebook and I may be cured.  Okay, maybe it's not an illness but it is an addiction and I am glad to have shed it even if only for a month.  I would love to remain deactivated but I must say I do miss a few people and know I will probably return.  So my new thing that is quickly getting old is Pinterest.  I believe my problem lies in the fact that it, along with many blogs I read, are all about making things and buying things.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy both but I am at a major stage in my life where all that striving seems an inch deep.  We are obsessed with DIY projects and the coolest outfit and what is that really about.  I am a right brained, create something kind of person, if you read past blogs of mine you will see, but I really am questioning it all right now.  How many scarves do I need to knit?  Paintings paint? Recipes make?  before I find that place of true accomplishment?  I know.....maybe I am having a mid life crisis, I will be the big 4-0 this year, but in all truth this is me.  I am never content, that is my greatest spiritual and emotional battle in life.  But what if, just what if, I am that way for a reason?  Maybe God created me to question these things, I may find a deeper meaning to life than what I have experienced so far.  Yes I know the meaning of a Christian life is to serve, love, believe in, and seek HIM, but doesn't it seem like we spend the vast majority of time on other stuff.  I tweeted a while back that I wanted to live in a commune, how crazy is that, but I really do.  I guess what I am really longing for is time with others, somewhat like minded but not completely, that we can sit around a table and share the deepest desires of our hearts, what we believe, hopefully discuss things that are insanely controversial, and form a friendship that is based on respect not agreement.  Maybe that doesn't really seem to be about Jesus but I think it is totally LIKE Him.  He spent so much time with his disciples and other friends.  Oh my gosh, I wish I could have been in just one of those conversations.

I realize this blog is completely all over the place, as am I.  I have never felt so lost and found at the same time.  I am searching for more meaning in my life and I believe this blog is evolving to be a journal for that.  I really don't find recipes and projects all that interesting.   Please if you think I am insane don't tell me, I would rather not know.   Just a little insight into my day tomorrow.....meeting the love of my life that adores my quirks for lunch and then talking to a travel agent about going to Paris, just to find out how long we will have to save or how many tricks I need to turn, haha, joke;)


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolution Less/More list

I wrote a post last night and woke up this morning and deleted it.  It was a little too intense.  I figured I would lighten up this morning and tell you what my plan is for this new year without making you think I am a on an acid trip, haha.

Since I was a teenager I have always adored the beginning of the year, even the beginning of the school year.  If you know me you know I am almost obsessed with change and the idea of a fresh start, even if it's only in my head.  So my plan for the new year is instead of my typical list of resolutions I am going to have a less/more list.  Nothing written in stone since I am a bit of a rebel at heart and will stupidly rebel against myself, but somewhat like the eat this not that concept.  So hopefully you will be inspired.  The bottom line for me is simply to evolve into the person I really want to be and do it in an intentional way, otherwise I will sit stagnantly the same, which I hate.

Less                                      More
Worry                                   Prayer
Complaining                          Being thankful
Consuming                           *Being consumer conscious
Spending                               Debt reducing
Fussing/nagging                    Praising/positive reinforcing
Television                             Reading
Social Networking                Investing in relationships
Messiness                             Being organized

I am sure my list will grow which is great.  One thing we recently implemented into our family is a family mission statement.  I stole the idea from the book Simply Organized written by Tsh Oxenreider,  which is fabulous and I highly recommend.  It has been a great tool in helping me focus what is best for my family.  Helping us realize that just because something is a good idea if it doesn't help our family accomplish our mission statement it may not be something we need to do.  Here is ours and I encourage you to create one that suits your family and the things that are important to you.
         To honor God in all that we do!
            ~Maintaining a peaceful home
            ~Showing respect to everyone
            ~Helping the needy
            ~Being healthy
            ~Being good stewards of His creation

Shortly after doing this we had a situation arise that we made a quick decision about because it fit the category of helping the needy.  After a few weeks of living with the results of that decision we realized our home was anything but peaceful, which is of higher priority on our list.  We then made a decision to change our original plan and do things to bring the peace back.  I know that may sound overly simple to some of you but for us is was wonderful and instead of trying to make a decision based on emotion we were able to look at our mission statement and make a decision based on what is important to us.

*Just a quick note about what this statement means to me....I have been desiring change in this area for years but it seems overwhelming.  This year I am determined to stop mindless buying and to implement the 3 Rs into our family, reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I do like clothes and "stuff" but the truth is my purchases would be so much more productive to our countries economy if I purchased things that are made/grown here.  Don't follow me around the grocery store saying "yeah right, she is a hypocrite" because I know this will be a process but I really want to start it.  I love Etsy and have found so many wonderful things there and I have begun to make some of my own cleaning products with the hope of at some point not depending on a million other people to sustain my family, to reduce the toxins my family is exposed to, and to reduce the amount of plastics we throw away.  Our town does not provide curbside recycling but there is a large recycling container at the town hall that I have taken some advantage of but am determined to use on a regular basis.

I hope this post has been encouraging.  May the Lord bless you in 2012!  I am expecting wonderful things, even if there is no major change in my life I am planning to open my eyes to everything beautiful around me and be grateful for every breathe I take.