Biopsy Results

My summer......this year has been unlike any other.  Thankfully I was able to spend a couple of weeks in Italy in the spring because our typical 2-3 weeks rambling around the US isn't going to happen.  Yes I was a little frustrated but I'm over it and thankful for friends and family that have made my summer okay anyway.

So here's the bottom line...How many posts have I written on health, cancer prevention, etc?  I didn't go and count but there have been many.  Guess what, the hubby had a biopsy, cancer is not only still there but has grown.  Actually gone from 2 spots to 4 and the 2 new ones are more aggressive.  In the next few months he will have to have surgery.  So, needless to say, we are both really disappointed.

In case you haven't read previous blogs let me give you a touch of history on the situation.  After being diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 2 years ago he chose to treat it naturally.  He was extremely diligent, doing vitamin C IV therapy, completely changing his diet, drinking fresh organic veggie juice daily, and exercising.  We really would have been okay with no growth but for the stinking thing to have grown while doing all of those things is very annoying.  Cancer makes me so angry!!!!!!!

I have vented now I can move on.  We found out about this on Tuesday and he has spent the last week eating everything he denied himself for 2 years, it's been fun.  However, as of tomorrow it's back to the healthy eating and taking care of ourselves.  He has had extreme indigestion, which he did not have a single time in 2 years.  I have gained 6 lbs over the last month. :(

If the only reason we take care of the "temple" God gave us is to get rid of disease, or stay thin, or live longer then we are missing the point.  God said take care of the "temple"/body, that should be reason enough.  In doing so at least we are doing our part to stay healthy.  If disease happens to come then our bodies will hopefully fight it, if we have to result to modern medicine then I want our bodies to be as strong as possible to heal after surgery.

Thanks to everyone that has prayed for my love to be healed.  The doctor that did the biopsy is Dr. Katz, he is a holistic urologist in NYC and amazing.  He wrote a book about healing prostate cancer naturally which is how we found him.  Anyway, his words were, "I believe this surgery will be a cure for you".  That is an answer to prayer.  If you think God only heals without the help of modern medicine I have to be rude and say you are so stinking wrong!  God can heal any way he chooses, He is GOD!


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