How do you want to be remembered?

I have discovered that there are a few things in this world that really attract some strange folks.  One being church, the other natural health, funny thing is I happen to love both.  Church I think is because, when we are truly being Christ-like, all people feel comfortable and loved which is a great thing.  Okay but the other thing, natural health, whew that is a totally different thing.  I have heard some things that left me wanting to run, really fast.  Once while receiving an essential oil therapy that was really wonderful, the practitioner proceeded to tell me about talking to dead people, ummm no.  Sorry but if you talk to dead people don't tell me because I will think you are a freak and never use your services again, sorry I know that is un-Christ-like.  

So what is that all about.....I have spent the weekend thinking about my legacy.  I heard we had a speaker at our church ladies meeting that spoke on that but I wasn't there.  Truth is this is a topic that has been heavy on my heart for years, beginning the year I lost both my mother in law and my grandmother.  I talk to my children about this occasionally but the word legacy is a little deep for them so here is my question and I will pose it to you.  How would you like to be described when you die?  I like to think of it as one word.  That lady that spoke to dead people will be remembered by me as "weird", my son Jackson is "charismatic", because he is such a little people magnet.  My son Corbin is "non conformist", because he is Corbin.  My husband Mike, "caretaker" he truly makes me feel completely cared for.....I could go on about many people that I know but I think this concept is extremely important.  The word you  you would like to be remembered as is how you should live.  I do not believe we should be remembered for what we do, although that is often the case.  If I had to choose a word for myself it would be "passionate".  I think that would be a nice way to be summed up.  Jackson told me that isn't my word, my word is "caring", okay I'll take that too, tear, nice to hear from a 14 year old.  

I know these are completely random thoughts but that's me.  Hopefully I won't be thought of as "random".  I'm curious what your word is, or what you would like it to be.  Words I "REALLY" don't want to be:
Disciplined, no risk there
Cold Hearted
Perfect, definitely no risk, lol
Okay, I'll stop.  This will have me up late thinking of the words I don't want to be, maybe my word will be "crazy".  I hope you have a wonderful blessed week.  God is good, all the time!


  1. I was there for the woman's program & have thought about that question many times since. I also wondered if my mother, grandmothers, aunt - ever thought of these things.I don't ever remember hearing them state that. They just went on, doing what they could, the best they could, for as many as they could. THAT is what I remember most about them & I think that is enough. I just want someone to remember that 'Carol cared'....


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